About us

Driver: Libor Bešťák
Co-driver: Lubos Bešťák
Mechanic: Josef Matěj
Mechanic: Václav Vaněk


Year 2016 brings us 2nd place in class 9 at EPLcond Rally Agropa
Pohár Rally Agropa 2016

On EPLcond Rally Agropa 2015 we get 3rd place in class 9
EPLcond Rally Agropa 2015

In 2010 we earn 2nd place in group A2 at Rallye Malé Monte Chříč
Rallye Malé Monte Chříč 2010

In 2006 we were 3rd at A2 group at IC West Václavská Rally .
Pohár Ic west Václavská rally

In 2005 and 2004 crew Milan Liška and Luboš Bešťák with Skoda 1000MB (build and serviced by us) won the Czech rally championship in H1 category .

We exposed our cars at XIV. Inwest Autoshow at Pilsen.
XIV.Autosalon Inwest XIV.Autosalon Inwest

In 2003 we were 2nd at Czech rally championship in H1 category
In this year, we got cup while:
Rally Agropa Pačejov
Pohár Rally Agropa 2003 foto
Horácká historic rally Třebíč
Pohár Horácká historic rally Třebíč 2003
Bötcher rally Vyškov
Pohár Bötcher rally Vyškov 2003

Year 2002 brought us a cup from Historic Vltava rallye.
Pohár Historic Vltava rallye 2002

And in 2001 we were between the best not only at Historic Vltava rallye,
Pohár Historic Vltava rallye 2001
but at Magnum rally Vyškov, too.
Pohár Magnum rally Vyškov 2001 foto